hi there, my name is Maria and I’m the author of this club.
here’s a few words about myself.

I graduated from the Faculty of Philology of St Petersburg University magna cum laude, defended a thesis on the history of literature, and taught at the University all my life.

Also, I have a brand new Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2 Cambridge Assessment).

My favourite subject to teach has always been extensive reading. This is actually how this club was conceived.

I watched my students immerse themselves in reading over and over again, and the excitement with which they discuss the plot and characters, and how their level of language grows along with it.

And I thought: “Isn’t this a perfect way to teach English, and at the same time encourage people to read?” So I was sparked by the idea of creating such a club for everyone, not just students of the Faculty of Philology. 


The host of our speaking club is my good friend Mike from New York. He is an actor by profession and an experienced teacher of English.