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one short story
01 February 2024
one speaking club meeting

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What will you find here?

Here you can take a look at how this project works. Register and you will get access to the platform. There will be a story and a meeting of a speaking club in Zoom.

This brilliant short story touches upon such ever-present issues as class consciousness, materialism, feminism and insecurity.

The story is written in very easy language and is suitable for intermediate level readers as well as for advanced. 

Pop-up boxes

Pop-up boxes with explanations of the words, phrases, and tricky grammar issues.

A downloadable dictionary

A downloadable dictionary and access to a vocabulary learning platform to help you remember new words.

Grammar tips

Also, you’ll get some very useful grammar tips.

Speaking club

When you finish reading a short story, you will get access to the zoom meeting to discuss the text and the related problems.